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a man wearing glasses posing for the camera

Sam Haupt

Director of Operations
TAG Burger Bar, Bubu & FnG

My vices include:  Loving my 3 cats- Hobbes, Captain Jean Luc Purrcard & our newest little girl  Captain Turanga Leela.   Taking my jeep to the mountains for adventure and exploration.

My death row meal is: 1st course:  Black Sturgeon Caviar with rosé bubbles
2nd course: Orange & Rosemary candy encrusted lollipop lamb chops  
3rd course: an entire box of cinnamon toast crunch with super cold half & half instead of milk

If I could see any musician in concert (dead or alive) it would be:  David Gilmore

The last show I binge-watched is: Stargate SG1 

Denzel Washington would play me in a movie.